Aften Opal, Chase Arcangel – Idle Fantasies Sit Back And Enjoy… – Modern-Day Sins

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A party is winding down. The host, Jenna Foxx, chats with Chase Arcangel, who clearly has a thing for her, but she’s not really interested. Instead, she tries to suggest that Chase flirt with her shy best friend, Aften Opal. Despite Aften’s efforts to make small talk with Chase, he clearly only has eyes for Jenna, and blows Aften off quite rudely.

A few moments later, Aften and Jenna hang out in the kitchen and complain to each other about Chase’s behavior. Jenna’s annoyed that chase won’t stop hitting on her, while Aften is frustrated that he’s ignoring her. Aften’s always had a crush on him, and wants nothing more than for Chase to accept her advances. Eager to help her friend, Jenna comes up with an idea that will make Aften’s wishes come true.

Jenna asks Chase to follow her to her bedroom, insinuating that they will hook up. Once alone, she offers him a blowjob, which he readily accepts. Before they get started however, she pulls his shirt over his face. Now that Chase can’t see, Jenna motions Aften to come in quietly and give chase the blowjob instead.

Chase is none the wiser as Aften unzips his pants and gives him an amazing blowjob. Jenna stays in the room, talking to him so that he thinks it’s actually HER doing it. At one point, Jenna removes his shirt from his face, and Chase is shocked to see that Aften, not Jenna is blowing him.

Chase clearly liked the blowjob, and admits that he and Aften could be good together. He asks Aften to stay and finish what they started, and Jenna leaves them alone to do the dirty deed.

Chase and Aften make out with each other on the bed, feeling each other’s bodies sensually. Aften then takes his cock in her hand and gives him a handjob while continuing to kiss him. Totally turned on, they both throw off their clothes, revealing their naked bodies to each other. Aften kneels and starts blowing Chase again.

After this, Chase lies on the bed and Aften rides him in cowgirl and then reverse-cowgirl, feeling every inch of his massive cock in her tight pussy. He then flips her over and fucks her doggystyle, after which he puts her on her back and continues in missionary, ending with a cumshot all over her stomach.

Seems like these two have pleasantly surprised each other. If anything, they’ve learned that sometimes the best thing you can do in life is just sit back and enjoy and ride.