Aften Opal, Donny Sins – My Girlfriend’s Sis Is An Exhibitionist – Give Me Teens – Devil’s Film

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Donny Sins is spending some quality hot-tub-time with his girlfriend Sia Lust when her sibling Aften Opal shows up. Sia doesn’t notice, so Aften gets behind her and, in clear view of Donny, starts to strip. She lowers her bikini strap to show off her amazing breasts, massaging them while silently teasing Donny. She then takes off her bikini bottom and shows off her ass, spreading her cheeks so Donny can see EVERYTHING.

Before things get too steamy, Aften covers up and reveals herself to Sia, joining them in the hot tub. Sia reminds Aften to KEEP her clothes on — only SHE gets to be naked with Donny. Seems like Aften has a bit of a streaking history. After a few moments, Sia remembers that she and Aften have a scheduled call for a job interview. They go to take it, leaving Donny alone to soak in the warm waters.

Sometime later, Aften returns to the hot tub totally naked and jumps in. Donny is nervous and asks where Sia is. It turns out Sia’s going to be pretty busy for the rest of the hour, so Aften figured she’d come to join Donny for some alone time of their own.

Although Donny is initially hesitant, he can’t help himself when Aften spreads her legs and rubs her pussy for him. When he stands up, he’s hard as a rock and ready for more. With Sia occupied inside the house, Aften and Donny have the hot, raunchy sex they’ve always craved.