Aiden Ashley, Nathan Bronson – Mad Fuckers Exposing Her Lies – Modern-Day Sins

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Nathan Bronson’s best friend, Drew, has been called away due to a sudden emergency, so Nathan goes to Drew’s house to take care of a small chore for him. But to his surprise, Nathan’s girlfriend, Aiden Ashley, is waiting in Drew’s house wearing a coat and high heels. Nathan asks Aiden what she’s doing here, so she stammers excuses, but Nathan can tell from her strange excuses and nervous behavior that something is going on. He pulls her coat open, revealing that she’s wearing only lingerie underneath. Shocked and angry, Nathan demands to know if she’s CHEATING on him… and with his BEST FRIEND, of all people.

Aiden tries to make some more excuses, but when those fail to work, she finally admits the truth… she loves Nathan, but he never fucks her the way she wants: ROUGH. She’d been hinting, asking, and begging Nathan for months to give her the kind of adventurous, aggressive fucking that she craves. Nathan kept ignoring her needs, so what else was she supposed to do?

Furious, Nathan decides that if Aiden wants rough, that’s what she’s going to get. He pushes her against the wall and aggressively kisses her, then lifts her up as he practically devours her breasts. She expresses her pleasure at Nathan FINALLY doing what she asked, but he tells her to shut up. Aiden enjoys the ride as Nathan facefucks her, gives her ass a few slaps, and then continues the revenge-fueled fuck session by pounding his cock into her pussy in various positions while grabbing her by the throat or her hair.