Aria Banks – Step-Dad… Can You Rub Some Here? – My Pervy Family

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Incredible! My teen stepdaughter Aria is a total delinquent. While her mother & I were away, she dediced to have a few people over which turned into a full blown party, which she did NOT manage to clean up before I got home. She seemed aploogetic enough & I think she was trying to get me feel sorry for her when she told me she got a sunburn and needed some lotion rubbed on it. Well, I read that wrong! She took out her perky little teen tits, including pierced nipples in no time… I tried to stop her but she saw the bulge in my pants, so clearly there was no turning back. I put my big cock in my stepdaughter’s mouth and she happily sucked on it before I turned her around and fucked her from behind. You can tell when she orgasms on her stepdad’s cock as she shakes and shivers all over. Aria even seemed to like it rough so I choked her a little while I fucked her from on top. She jiggled her cute little bum while she rode her stepdad’s cock until I couldn’t help myself anymore and shot all my cum in her tight little teen pussy. She won’t be trashing our yard with parties anymore… right??