Armani Black – I Have An Idea – Property Sex

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Real estate agent Armani Black is showing a house to prospective buyer Chuck when she gets a call from her ex. A verbal altercation follows, and Armani gets downright defiant. Chuck knows what it’s like to deal with a crazy ex, and offers words of encouraging support. Armani’s ex calls her a whore, and she thinks to herself that if she’s being accused of something, she might as well have fun with it. Bringing Chuck upstairs, Armani puts his hands on her big, pierced tits, and he feels her up. Armani hikes up her skirt and shows her ass in a thong, then slides off her panties so Chuck and finger and lick her tight, wet pussy. Armani gives Chuck a long and luxurious blowjob, then fucks the lucky customer until he cums in her mouth!