Cadence Lux, Mickey Mod – Mad Fuckers Bringing Out The Worst – Modern-Day Sins

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Mickey Mod and Cadence Lux return home after a night out, but it’s clear that something is bothering Mickey. When Cadence inquires as to why he’s so pissed off, Mickey complains that for the entire night, Cadence was hitting on other guys. Cadence is baffled, claiming that she was only talking to them platonically. By the look of it, this isn’t the first time Mickey has scolded her for something like this, and she’s growing tired of it.

When Mickey remarks that Cadence dresses like a slut, Cadence explodes, turning the tables on him and verbally ripping him apart. But Mickey won’t relent, expressing that he feels Cadence treats him with little to no respect and ADORES getting attention from other guys when they go out together. Within moments, the argument escalates to extremely hurtful and personal comments.

Her temper at a roiling boil, Cadence rips her dress apart as an act of defiance to Mickey and continues to vent her frustrations. When she prods Mickey to match her, he gets right in her face and ends up kissing her vigorously while running his hands over her body. Cadence is pretty turned on, and they both decided to let off some steam with some intense sex.

Mickey spanks Cadence’s ass, causing her to smile in delight. He then instructs her to masturbate in front of him, as he whips out his cock to join her. He then sticks his cock in her mouth and face-fucks her, making sure she begs for it first. Both totally invested, Mickey rubs Cadence’s pussy till it soaks and fucks her on the kitchen counter, first in missionary and then from behind.

Loving every second, Mickey and Cadence give each other more oral, and then Cadence mounts Mickey in cowgirl and rides his cock to oblivion. Mickey then fucks Cadence in a few more positions, ending with a deep doggystyle penetration, causing her to climax. He then stands over her as he cums all over her sweaty face.

It seems like the events of tonight have brought out the worst from these two. But maybe, that’s exactly what they needed.