Catalina Ossa – Catalina Ossa Makes A Deal With Her Stepbro – Family Hookups

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Catalina Ossa is in trouble; her car is in the shop and she needs to get to work tomorrow to start her new job at the Kinky Spa. She asks her stepbrother if she can borrow his car, but he tells her “Cash, Grass or Ass. No One Rides For Free”. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have cash or grass, but she does have a great Ass. She thinks its weird that they are step siblings, but he doesn’t care he tells her consider it practice for her new job at the “Kinky Spa”. her bro gets his way slamming her pussy in any position he feels like till he blows his load all over her cute bush, but all he’s got for her in return is bus money because his car is in the shop too.