Charlotte Sins, Codey Steele, Nathan Bronson – Sex Addicts Anonymous Consequences – A Charlotte Sins Story – Pure Taboo

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Several years have passed since Amy (Charlotte Sins) left the SSA facility and began her recovery. She looks different, acts different, and she’s even married Patti (Ana Foxxx), a wealthy, successful lesbian who has supported Charlotte through her recovery and is madly in love with her. They recently moved into Patti’s home together and although she tries to keep Amy satisfied, it seems like they’re having some relationship issues. Nothing Patti seems to do makes Amy happy and it’s making Patti more and more frustrated.

One morning, Patti and Amy get into a heated argument as Patti is leaving for work. Their argument carries out onto the driveway, where they are interrupted by two workers, Nathan Bronson and Codey Steele, whose company Patti has hired to build Amy an outdoor zen garden. The men start acting inappropriately, cracking jokes to themselves while making crass sexual gestures/comments about the fighting lesbians in the driveway. Patti tells Amy that they’ll continue their discussion when she gets back from work, and suggest that she simply ignore the two lewd workers.

For the next few hours, Charlotte watches them as they work, and grows more and more intrigued by their muscled physiques and brutish attitudes. Something awakens in her… and urge. Something she worked so hard to stifle within her. A part of her she thought had vanished in the therapy, only to rear its ugly head again. Charlotte makes her way over to the men and starts flirting with them. She invites the workers inside, and they follow her in while staring at her legs and ass. Once in the house, the workers surround Charlotte and start groping her. She pretends to hesitate but deep down, she knows this is what she wants. They have an energetic and intense threesome, with Amy giving in to her urges and falling back into old habits. Good thing Patti is stuck at work today- she definitely wouldn’t be happy to see this. But given what’s already been shown, this day is full of surprises, so Charlotte’s worst nightmare may yet come true…