Charly Summer, Cytherea, Derrick Pierce – If You Can’t Beat ’Em, Join ’Em – Pure Taboo

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Caroline (Cytherea) is waiting around in a stunning dress, clearly planning to go out somewhere that night. But she looks frustrated as her husband, Joseph (Derrick Pierce), arrives home late. He’s a restaurant owner, so complains about his restaurant holding him up, but Caroline doesn’t seem to be buying it… especially when he hugs her close and she catches a whiff of perfume on his shirt collar…

A few days later, Caroline gets ready to leave for a weekend with a friend as Joseph sees her off. But after Caroline leaves and parks just out of sight, it becomes obvious that the weekend away was just a ruse. In fact, once she’s sure enough time has passed, she doubles back to the house.

When Caroline creeps back into the house, she hears sounds of pleasure coming from the bedroom. Pumping herself up, preparing for the worst, she opens the bedroom door and catches Joseph sitting too close to a younger woman, Stella (Charly Summer). Joseph instantly tries to lie, telling Caroline that Stella’s a waitress from the restaurant and that they’re just talking shop, but Caroline sees right through him.

As she confronts them, Caroline realizes that if she wants to keep Joseph interested in her and their marriage, she’s going to have to get creative. That’s when she swallows her pride and offers to spice things up with a steamy threesome. At least then, she’ll be able to call the shots just a little longer…