Gizelle Blanco, Alex Mack – Idle Fantasies Caught Creeping On Her Slumber Party – Modern-Day Sins

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Alex Mack is just minding his own business when his stepsister makes a beeline for him, reminding him that she’s having some friends over for a slumber party, so he better not bother them. Alex rolls his eyes and makes a pinky promise… that he secretly has NO intention of keeping.

Later on that night, he follows the sound of laughter to his stepsister’s bedroom, peeking in and watching all of the young women hanging out in their nightwear. He sneakily spies on them as they brush their hair, do their nails, and simply have innocent fun together. But little does he know, ONE of the women, Gizelle Blanco, catches him peeking hungrily through the doorway.

Gizelle excuses herself from the bedroom and confronts Alex in the hallway. Alex is embarrassed about being caught, trying to hide his raging boner, but there’s no escaping Gizelle. But instead of being mad, Gizelle becomes flirty as she flaunts her body, tempting Alex to take his badness to the next level…