Haley Reed, Penny Barber, John Strong – We Warned You Last Time – Pure Taboo

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Ellen (Penny Barber) and her husband Walter (John Strong) are walking through their backyard when they notice a neighbor’s teen, Terry, sneaking around. They are especially curious yet suspicious since Terry soon stops at the home of their troublesome teen neighbor, Gina (Haley Reed).

Ellen and Walter watch with growing disgust as Terry nervously knocks on Gina’s door. When Gina pokes her head out, they have a hushed conversation and Gina hands over a brown paper bag. That’s when Ellen and Walter decide to intervene as they catch Terry as she slinks away from Gina’s house. Not wanting to be caught red-handed, Terry leaves the bag and makes a run for it.

Once Ellen and Walter pick up the bag and check its contents, they are shocked and angered. They told Gina once before that she had to stay out of trouble but it’s clear that taking mercy on her by not telling her parents was the wrong move. NOW Ellen and Walter vow to teach Gina a lesson.

Gina answers a knock at her front door. To her surprise, the visitors are Ellen and Walter, who barge in and say that she deserves to get into big trouble for all the meddling she’s doing. She’s putting the whole neighborhood at risk and it’s time for it to stop.

Gina is stunned and begs Ellen and Walter not to tell her parents. Ellen and Walter agree, on the condition that they give her a punishment she’ll NEVER forget…