Jane Wilde, Charles Dera – We Can’t Be Seen Like This – Pure Taboo

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Amelia (Jane Wilde) is hanging out with her boyfriend, Elliot, in his bedroom after school. As they settle in, Elliot tries to get frisky with her, although Amelia’s not really feeling it. Thankfully, they’re interrupted when Elliot’s parent, Gary (Charles Dera), accidentally interrupts them.

As Gary tells Elliot that he’s needed elsewhere to take care of a chore, Amelia seems unable to take her eyes off him. Although Elliot complains, Gary reminds him who the boss is around there, so he soon begrudgingly trudges out of the room. Gary apologizes to Amelia for the intrusion, although Amelia insists she can keep herself busy while Elliot’s gone…

A short while later, with Elliot still having not returned, Gary checks in on Amelia. Amelia perks up and starts subtly coming onto him. It’s clear she has something going on for him, even if Gary is oblivious. When Gary complains about the temperature of the room, she quickly invites him to stick around to fix the thermostat. In fact, why doesn’t he teach her how to fix it herself?

Gary is thrilled to pass on his wisdom, happily chatting away with her while he sets to work. Although he’s being nothing but friendly, Amelia continuously interprets everything he says and does as being him coming onto her. By the time he realizes this, it’s too little too late.

As Amelia comes onto him more obviously, Gary tries to resist but she toys with him, insisting that she knows he must have feelings for her, too. Why should he deny himself his most primal desires? Gary keeps trying to do the right thing and ignore the growing heat between them but once she strips down in front of him, he’s putty in her hands.