Kali Roses, Nathan Bronson – Cum Gluttons Closet Cum-Guzzler – Modern-Day Sins

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Kali Roses is happily rolling around in bed with her lover, Nathan Bronson, but their joy is short-lived when they hear Kali’s boyfriend, Johnny Goodluck, arriving home earlier than expected. Kali and Nathan are both shocked as they try to figure out what they’re going to do, which leads to Kali pushing Nathan into the closet, out of sight.

When Johnny enters the bedroom, it’s revealed that he’s been sent to work from home that day after a mishap. As he settles onto the bed with his laptop to catch up, he’s unaware that he’s a mere few feet away from Nathan, who is trying his best to be quiet. But being so sneaky right under her boyfriend’s nose seems to be a huge turn on for Kali, as she begins sneaking back into the closet to steal kisses from Nathan whenever she has a chance. Feeling emboldened, this turns into Kali getting onto her knees and sucking Nathan’s cock as well.

Eventually, Johnny steps too close for comfort to the closet and Kali intercepts him. Of course, now that her back is turned, it’s Nathan’s turn to be the naughty one while fucking her from behind. It’s clear that playing with fire like this is exciting for BOTH of them, but if they’re not careful, they could get burned…