Kenna James, April Olsen, Seth Gamble – The Nanny Incident – Pure Taboo

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After spending some time as a stay-at-home parent, Mindy (Kenna James) has decided to go back to work and needs live-in help. Her husband John (Seth Gamble) works from home but is very busy with his career, and dismisses his wife’s ambitions as frivolous. This has caused tension between the couple, but Mindy has still gone ahead and hired a nanny, Liz (April Olsen).

Several weeks later, Mindy returns home from work, looking exhausted. She enters the kitchen to find Liz cooking dinner. Her little angel is napping, and the house is clean. Mindy is grateful that Liz seems to be working out so well as a nanny. Then John shows up, and he seems to be in a very good mood. He greets Liz teasingly, and they start acting buddy-buddy towards one another. Mindy is taken aback. She’s glad her husband is finally making an effort to support the idea of having a nanny, but the whole thing feels unsettling.

John and Liz then want to show Mindy a dance they choreographed earlier in the day to entertain Mindy’s little angel. Liz asks Mindy to film it on her phone for social media. Not knowing how to react, Mindy agrees. She films them as Liz enthusiastically jumps into John’s arms and he lifts her in the air. As John lifts Liz, his hands clearly grab her ass. Mindy notices and is about to say something when the nursery monitor goes off, interrupting the moment.

That night, Mindy sits in bed, looking at the video. She’s been watching it on repeat, zooming in on the groping. She almost feels turned on… but decides to confront John when he gets out of the bathroom. He slips into bed, going through the motions of saying goodnight, when she stops him. Mindy makes him watch the video, and asks him if it seems inappropriate. He gets defensive, shifting the blame onto Mindy for wanting a career and hiring a nanny… and then acting jealous when he is just being a nice guy. Mindy feels bad for accusing him, and tries to make up for it by initiating sex. But their sex is awkward, with both of them trying to push past their argument. John announces he can’t cum, and rolls off. They lie awkwardly for a moment before Mindy excuses herself to shower.

While Mindy is in the bathroom, she hears moaning coming from the bedroom. She turns off the water, goes to the door and slowly opens it to discover her husband fucking the nanny. Mindy confronts them, but John continues fucking Liz, at first ignoring his wife’s outrage and then shifting the blame onto her again, saying she should have expected this from hiring a hot nanny to move in with them. Liz chimes in, encouraging her that many couples have a unicorn. Mindy’s emotions shift from angry to distraught. She begs John to stop disrespecting her. He counters by challenging her to start respecting him… and agree to try new things together. He brings up her inability to make him cum as evidence that things aren’t working between them. They need to switch things up. Liz sees Mindy’s vulnerable state, and tells her to just relax and give it a try, saying she knows that Mindy was turned on by their video. Completely overwhelmed by the situation, Mindy finally agrees to join her husband and the nanny in a threesome.