Lauren Phillips, Ricky Spanish, Rob Piper – Behind Her Husband’s Back – My Younger Lover – Adult Time

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Teacher Lauren Phillips is in class alone with Ricky Spanish, who sits at his desk. They lock eyes, exchanging flirtatious glances. Lauren bites her lip suggestively. At that moment, Lauren’s husband, Rob Piper, a coach at the school, pops into small-talk and check on her about heading home together. Lauren tells Rob that she is finishing detention with Ricky, politely shooing her husband away. When the coast is clear, Lauren hurries to the desk and kisses Ricky passionately. It becomes clear that they’ve been having an affair. She sinks to her knees in front of Ricky, pulling down his pants. Putting his hard cockin her mouth,she gives him a wild blowjob. Soon, Ricky bends Lauren over a desk. Hiking up her skirt, he fucks her doggystyle. But they’re interrupted midway through their fuck session when Rob unexpectedly pops his head back into the classroom. Lauren hides behind the door and continues to get fucked doggystyle as she makes another excuse to Rob, successfully shooing him away again. With Rob gone, Lauren sits in her chair behind her desk as Ricky eats her pussy. She moans with pleasure as Ricky’s tongues her clit. Lauren then guides Ricky to sit in her chair and she rides him, cowgirl, bouncing on his cock until he cums in her pussy. Lauren hops up off of Ricky, and it’s not a moment too soon, because just then, Rob walks back into the classroom. Ricky has just enough time to hide behind the desk before Rob sees him. Ricky peeks out from under the desk as Lauren distracts Rob with a come-hither look, pulling him by his whistle close to her. Rob seems pleasantly surprised by her boldness. Waiting until the coast is clear, Ricky(clutching his clothes and knapsack in front of his underwear) sneaks out while Rob is distracted. Turned on now, Rob tries to eat Lauren’s pussy, but, wanting to conceal the creampie, she offers him a blowjob instead as she pulls him up and pushes him with his back against the chalkboard. Craving Lauren’s pussy, Rob then lays Lauren over her desk and fucks her missionary. Rob has no idea what his wife has REALLY been doing in detention…