Lola Fae, Lilly James, Musa Phoenix – Lust Triangles His Girlfriend’s Little Angel – Modern-Day Sins

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Musa Phoenix is seemingly reading a book in bed when his girlfriend Lilly James checks in on him. She asks why he’s in bed so early and he lies, saying he just felt like reading. Lilly asks if he’s seen her little angel Lola Fae anywhere and he shrugs, saying 18-year-olds like them are hard to pin down at that age. Lilly trudges off wondering where Lola could be. Musa politely asks her to close the door on her way out.

Musa looks relieved when Lilly has left the room. He whips off the blanket to show that Lola has been under there the whole time sucking on his cock. He looks nervous and panicked but Lola looks cocky and confident, joking that that was the closest they’ve ever come to getting caught. Lola continues giving him a sloppy blowjob.

But Musa soon has second thoughts, pushing Lola off his dick and pulling his boxers back on. He sits up and tells Lola that they’ve been getting too bold and risky. But Lola loves the thrill of fooling around right under Lilly’s nose. Lola teases Musa saying they know he loves the thrill just as much as they do, he just has more trouble admitting it. With Lola’s teasing and prodding, Musa admits he does like the thrill – but they still can’t afford to get caught! Lola starts dirty-talking and all the dirty talk and flattering revs up Musa and they begin kissing. He grabs at Lola’s body as they kiss.

Musa bends Lola over, pulling their panties aside and fucking Lola doggystyle. Musa then flips Lola over, laying them on their back and fucking their pussy. Soon, Musa maneuvers Lola into the piledriver position and continues to pound their pussy as Lola squeals with pleasure.

But they are interrupted when Lilly suddenly knocks on the door. Both Musa and Lola panic as Musa quickly pulls out and leaps back into bed, covering himself. Lola jumps down to the side of the bed, hiding from view. Lilly enters. She says that she’s looked everywhere for Lola – they must be out. She flirts and says this means that they have some time to themselves. Lola tries not to snicker at the irony, covering their body with their discarded clothes as they hide at the side of the bed. As Musa and Lilly start to kiss, Musa tries to discreetly shoo Lola away, but Lola is defiant, refusing to budge.

Lilly strips off her clothes and lies on the bed as Musa gets behind her, rubbing her pussy. With Lilly still unable to see Lola, Musa tries to get Lola to leave again, frantically motioning for Lola to go. Lola finally begins to creep around the side of the bed towards the door as Musa continues to finger Lilly’s pussy. Musa slides his cock into Lilly, fucking her as she gasps. He lays her down, rubbing her clit as he fucks her pussy. At the same time, Lola has finally snuck out of the room.

A moment later, Lola calls into the room from out in the hallway, pretending to have just gotten home and asking Lilly to make dinner. Lilly apologizes to Musa, putting on her clothes and rushing out of the room to go make dinner. After Lilly has left, Lola opens the bedroom door, creeps in, and hops back into bed with Musa. Lola strips, giving Musa another blowjob before straddling him, riding his cock. Soon, Musa lays Lola back down on the bed, fucking Lola’s tight pussy.

Lola is definitely not the little angel that Lilly thinks they are…