Lola – Oh Yeah I Like That – Exploited College Girls

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Went digging waaaaaaaaay back in the vault for today’s Exploitee Lola and I forgot what an enthusiastic and all out stoner slut she was. “My boyfriend and I are in an open relationship,” she explained. Well open in the fact that she can suck and fuck other guy’s cocks, and lick other guy’s, or girl’s assholes, which she did expertly at (43:34) to Tyler Nixon and I think 20-year-old Lola enjoys being a slut waaaaaaaaaay too much. Lola further goes on to explain that her man back home isn’t allowed the same courtesy and we hear this common theme way to much. What the fuck is up with these whussy guys that let their girlfriends call all the shots and are allowed to get strange cock and be completely used on camera by other men but they’re not allowed the same courtesy. Something’s going on with today’s male youth and it isn’t good. Grow some balls buddy and sample some strange pussy for yourself. I’ll bet it won’t matter a bit and you’ll be a lot more satisfied. Anyways, Lola said she was orgasmic and she wasn’t kidding. Eighteen!!!! That’s the magical number today and they just kept happening especially in Lazy Doggy were 3, yes three of them happened back to back to back starting at (56:42) and the last one went on for almost 45 seconds. This last one was also were she Squirted / Pissed all over our bed for the first time at (57:51). I say pissed because it was yellow as fuck and spoiler alert, squirting is pissing. But who gives a fuck because Tyler showed this newbie who just the day before got her Anal Casting on my buddy Rick’s black casting couch. It’s titled, “Bubbly Big Titty Beauty,” and she’s just that. I don’t think she had as good of a time over there as she did here though because she tried the Sybian for the first time and once a girl rides the machine there is no going back. She also got DP’d with Toys today and we confirmed that Lola loves dick. Strange dick in fact, so sit back and watch this big tittied 20-year-old get the shit fucked out of her, and until next week’s update, tootles. Steve