Maddy May – Stepsister Is My Best Muse – Oops Family

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Maddy May’s vacation was far from over, but that didn’t give her any joy. Tired of everyday routine, she longed for something to captivate her. So, when her stepbrother asks her to help by posing for his exam painting, she agrees without any hesitation. Modest Maddy has long wanted to reveal herself from the creative side but she is too shy about her body. Yet she didn’t suspect that this was precisely what her stepbrother needed. The problem is that the guy only used statues as models before, and drawing her in clothes is an enormous challenge for him. Stepbrother offers the girl to get naked, and out of a desire to help him pass the exam, Maddy agrees. She begins to take off her clothes. Maddy sees how her stepbro enjoys the process and how excited he becomes, after which she begins to pose more erotically and, after a while, undresses completely and remains only in underwear. Suddenly, she finds the confidence she dreamed of and decides to go further. Maddy turns to her stepbrother and says that if he’s stressed because of the exam, she can help him feel secure. The guy understands what his stepsister is getting at and lets her do whatever she wants. She carefully takes out the guy’s cock and licks his head before starting to choke on it. Feeling that her pussy is notably wet, she decides to please it with this stiff rod. She deftly jumps on the boy’s dick and starts milking him with her cunt until she cums, and the young artists relieves his stress.