Maya Woulfe, Vanna Bardot, Nathan Bronson – What Women Really Want S41E5 – Nubile Films

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Sexy 50s housewife Maya Woulfe puts on a record as she waits for her husband, Nathan Bronson, to come home. It’s Valentine’s Day, and Maya really wants to set the scene for a sexy time with Nathan. As Nathan arrives, he is followed inside by Vanna Bardot, a hot girl who is Maya’s opposite in so many ways.

Taking charge immediately, Vanna pushes Nathan into a chair and then turns to Maya. Maya doesn’t quite know what to do. She knows she should be upset that there’s another woman in her house, but to be honest, she really likes it as Vanna comes closer and spins her around to get a good look at her.

When Vanna comes in for some up close and personal contact, Maya doesn’t stop her at all. Nathan tries to intervene, but Vanna is having none of it. Instead, Vanna continues to seduce Maya with hot kisses and searing caresses that let Maya know how badly she wants another woman’s touch. By the time Maya has begun participating instead of merely allowing things to happen to her, Nathan has also come around to the idea of a threesome.

Now that Maya is into it, she becomes an equally aggressive participant. She can’t wait to get Nathan to bed so she can share him with another woman, especially one as hot as Vanna. The girls peel Nathan out of his clothes, leaving him all too ready for an evening of fun. They demonstrate how in sync they are as they share Nathan’s hardon. Sucking him off together, they get him all ready for something a lot more hardcore.

Vanna gets to take the first turn enjoying Nathan’s cock as Maya caresses her tight body and enjoys the delight of her ass. Leaning back, Maya watches another woman fuck her husband. The sight is so fucking hot that she can’t help but reach down to start masturbating to the tune of Vanna’s moans.

When Vanna climbs off the D and helps Maya to mount Nathan in reverse cowgirl, she gets an opportunity to watch as well. An active participant, Vanna licks and nibbles at Maya’s titties while rubbing her clit. She’s enjoying the hell out of helping this housewife let her hair down and enjoy herself in the bedroom.

Getting on her hands and knees, Vanna takes Nathan’s fuck stick from behind. Arranging Maya in front of her, Vanna dips her head and lets her tongue explore some new territory. Nathan keeps on pumping her full of the D as she feasts on Maya’s creamy center.

Now that Maya has experienced another woman eating her out, it’s her turn. She gets on her back so Nathan can settle himself between her thighs. Once Maya has gotten cozy, Vanna straddles her face and puts her twat in the perfect licking position. Maya is a quick study, and soon she’s happily eating her new friend out.

Knowing he has satisfied two ladies, Nathan finally pulls out to finish. He busts his nut all over Maya’s tight chest, covering her with his jizz. Basking in the afterglow of their victory over Nathan, the girls share a final moment of sensual bliss.