Natasha Nice, Apollo Banks – The Shakedown Episode 3 – Digital Playground

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While her rich husband is being tied to a chair by con artists Tommy (Luna Star) and Max (Damon Dice) and taken for all he’s got, Vanessa Lang (Natasha Nice) is at home lounging by the pool with no worries except how horny she is… and luckily, hot pool boy Apollo Banks is right here to give her his rod. Vanessa is so engrossed with sucking, titty-fucking, and riding Apollo, she doesn’t hear Tommy and Max approach until they have her at gunpoint. Vanessa tries to use her feminine wiles–and huge tits–to distract Tommy, but the criminals don’t take the bait, putting her in the trunk as they take her to raid the Lang’s stash of cash while they think Werner is out of play. Too bad that will prove to be a mistake…