Nicole Doshi, Alex Jones – Anal Envy Juggling Priorities – Modern-Day Sins

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Alex Jones has been having an affair with his mistress, Nicole Doshi, behind his wife Helena Locke’s back. Nicole comes into Alex’s home and they greet each other excitedly. They don’t waste any time and start making out right there in the living room. ‘Shouldn’t we go to the bedroom?’ Alex asks, but Nicole shakes her head- she wants to do it right here, right now. Nicole has only been able to see Alex once a week when his wife goes to yoga class, or when he’s not working. It’s not enough for her, so she wants to make today extra special.

She turns around and hikes up her skirt, revealing a butt plug she has put in her ass. Alex loves what he’s seeing, but before he can fool around with Nicole, he gets a work call that he has to take. He goes to his worktable and joins a video call with his work, leaving Nicole feeling dejected. But Nicole has a few other tricks up her sleeve… She climbs on the table and starts to striptease for Alex behind his computer. Alex struggles to maintain his focus on his work call as Nicole reveals her breasts and spreads her legs to rub her tight pussy. She then gets under the table and starts rubbing Alex’s cock through his pants, eventually unbuckling his belt to give him a blowjob.

Suddenly, Alex’s wife, Helena, arrives home and catches them in the act. Alex ends his work call and buckles up his pants in shame. He tries to find an excuse for what Helena saw, but the damage has been done. She’s LIVID, and when Nicole points out that the reason Alex is cheating is that Helena refuses to have anal sex with him, Alex doesn’t deny it. Thoroughly humiliated and embittered, Helena storms out of the house, leaving her husband and his mistress alone once more.

Nicole undresses Alex and then kneels to give him a blowjob as he stands over her. Nicole then sits on the table and lets Alex eat her out, with the butt plug still in her asshole. Alex rises and starts fucking Nicole in missionary. Alex then removes the buttplug and rims Nicole as she squeals with delight. With Nicole’s ass ready for Alex’s cock, he gives her anal sex as she lies back on the table in missionary. Nicole then kneels in front of Alex again and gives him another sloppy blowjob, after which she puts a leg up on the table and lets him alternate between fucking her pussy and ass in doggystyle.

Nicole wants to taste Alex’s cock again, so she gives him another incredible blowjob. She then strips totally naked and squats over Alex in cowgirl as he fucks her ass some more. With Alex sitting in a chair, Nicole lowers herself to wet his cock with her mouth and then slides his cock back into her asshole in reverse cowgirl. He then props her onto the table for more anal in doggystyle, finishing with a cumshot on her asscheeks. Though Alex’s day may have started with a juggling of priorities, it’s definitely ended with one of those priorities taking center stage: Nicole and her incredible ass.