Nicole Doshi, Charles Dera – My Free-Use Squirtfest – Squirtalicious – Devil’s Film

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Nicole Doshi and Charles Dera are preparing to go on a much-needed vacation to Greece. But with all the robberies happening in their area, they’ve made sure to get their friend Donitello to keep an eye on their house while they’re away. As such, Donitello has swung by today to pick up the keys and get some details on some of his responsibilities while house-sitting.

Nicole answers the door and brings Donitello inside, chatting with him about her upcoming trip. They’re going to spend a few days in Athens, and then take a tour of the islands! It’s going to be so much fun. But as Nicole and Donitello are chatting, Charles enters and sticks his cock right into Nicole’s wet pussy! He starts fucking her, though no one bats an eyelash, with everyone continuing to chat like nothing’s out of the ordinary. Things even get a little splashy when Nicole starts squirting all over the couch, though no one seems bothered by it, which is just as well since there’s lots to talk about!