Nicole Doshi, Lucas Frost – Keep It Down! – Modern-Day Sins

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Nicole Doshi is vacuuming, but she is interrupted by her roommate Lucas Frost coming in and unplugging the vacuum. He complains that he needs to get some work done, telling her to keep it down. An argument ensues, with Nicole saying this is the only time she has to vacuum. Lucas complains that somehow the ‘only’ time she has to do noisy chores is always when he needs to concentrate.

Nicole retorts that they wouldn’t have this problem if Lucas helped out with chores more often, like a PROPER roommate. Besides, what about all the racket he makes every time he brings a woman home for sex? Nicole especially can’t stand all the ridiculous panting and moaning sounds his lovers make… It’s too much! Lucas angrily defends himself, saying that the panting and moaning is because women REALLY like what he does to them. Nicole snaps that all those women are clearly faking it, because there’s NO WAY he’s that good. Furious, Lucas says he can PROVE to her that he really is. Nicole dares him to bring it on.

Wild, rough sex ensues, including Lucas grabbing Nicole by the neck and turning her around so he can smack her ass, pulling her top open so he can squeeze her breasts, and deepthroating her. They’re both clearly enjoying themselves, but Nicole refuses to moan because she doesn’t want to give Lucas that kind of satisfaction… but she can’t hold in her moans forever…