Octavia Red, David Lee – My Friend Would Be Pissed – Nuru Massage – Fantasy Massage

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A masseuse, Octavia Red, is visited by David Lee, a friend of her sibling. Octavia is happy to see that David is finally taking her up on her offer of giving him a massage. He seems a bit nervous, but Octavia assures him that the massage will be very relaxing. She leads David into a private room, where she invites him to strip down. As Octavia also removes her clothes, David is stunned and aroused by her naked body, though Octavia doesn’t show any interest in return.

Octavia gives David a sensual NURU massage, sliding her naked body along his. She’s professional and keeping things platonic, although David is obviously trying not to show how turned on he is. Eventually, David becomes too flustered to hold back anymore, and admits that the reason why he had to wait so long before getting a massage was because Octavia’s sibling doesn’t want his friends seeing her.

Octavia is surprised as she learns that her sibling forbade his friends with crushes from visiting her. She’s shocked by her sibling’s immaturity, but then also realizes that it means David has a crush on her. David worries that he’s made a fool of himself, but Octavia is receptive. In fact, since she’s annoyed at her bratty sibling and wants to show him who’s boss, she resumes the massage, making it more obviously sexual so it can lead to sex on her terms.