Olivia Cassi – Olivia Cassi Has Her First Anal Sex – Defloration

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Hi again, I’m back and I’m ready to introduce myself to more pleasure! After losing my virginity here, my sexual life became really wild and I became very very sex loving and all I do with my boyfriend is having sex daily and sucking him off too! All that is thanks to defloration.com and the opportunity they gave me to break up with my hymen. I’m probably one of many other girls who really enjoys the pleasure of having sex and that’s how I’m back here and ready to say goodbye to my anal virginity! This time I got really excited, specially that I’m going to do it with the same guy and I love him! We sat down a bit on the bed and talked and then started to kiss and touch each-other, I asked him if he could fuck me first in my pussy and only then in my ass and he said yes of course! I was very content with that. We got fully naked and he fucked me hard in my pussy after which he asked if I was ready to take it in my virgin ass and leave it all behind, I told him yes I’m ready. He told me that he will finger me first in the ass, so it won’t hurt me much once he puts his big dick in it and he was right, I even felt aroused by it and most probably will do it myself later too maybe even with toys. He then took his cock into his hands and slid it inside and it really hurt me first, but after a few minutes I started to enjoy it as much as I probably could! This was one of the best experiences in my life, specially that we both came at the same time and it’s a very good memory to have! If I had to express my feelings about it, I would say that it did hurt a bit, but the pleasure took it all over and it was very uncommon first but good! Thanks a lot again to Defloration and to the producers for all these opportunities which I will never forget in my life! And to opening my mind to new sensations!