RayVeness, Rico Hernandez – Sketchy Behavior – Mommy’s Boy – Adult Time

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RayVeness is talking with a friend on the phone when her stepson, Rico Hernandez, comes into the room. Unbeknownst to her, he seems to be drawing something in his sketchbook while gazing perceptively at her. In fact, Rico is currently studying at a fine arts college, but what possibly could he be drawing right now? When Rayveness ends the phone call, she finally notices Rico, but before she can see what he’s drawing, he scurries away from the room.

The next day, RayVeness is cleaning her bedroom when once again Rico quietly enters the room with his sketchbook. He draws for a few moments, shooting quick glances at his stepmom when all of a sudden she notices him. She greets him with a smile and asks if he needs anything, only to have him run off again. RayVeness is perplexed- what could POSSIBLY have gotten into him? The same event happens a day later, as Rico sneaks into the living room while RayVeness is reading a magazine on the couch. This time, however, RayVeness manages to catch him before he can run off.

She asks to see what Rico is drawing, but he’s too shy to let her see. She persists, however, reminding him that without her support he wouldn’t be able to even go to fine arts school. She just wants to see the fruits of his labor! Reluctantly, he shows her the book, revealing that he’s been drawing pictures of HER this whole time. He’s doing a school project about beauty, and his stepmom happens to be the most beautiful thing around.

RayVeness is touched by the sentiment and offers to pose for him so that he can capture her total beauty. She poses for her stepson, stripping more and more articles of clothing off until she is completely naked. Now that he’s seen her outer beauty, perhaps it’s time to go a little deeper? They toss the sketchbook aside and have playful, sensual sex, exploring the most intimate aspects of beauty and arousal.