Reese Robbins, Tommy Pistol – Cuck ’Em While They’re Young #02 – Give Me Teens – Devil’s Film

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Jack White arrives home with a bouquet of flowers for his girlfriend, Reese Robbins. She is stunned because he’s home much earlier than usual, and he explains that it’s been a slow day at work, so he figured he could spend some extra time with her. As Reese continues to look flabbergasted, Jack goes to the bathroom to freshen up. However, Jack is shocked to find a stranger, Tommy Pistol, taking a shower there!

Jack asks Reese what’s going on, so she confesses that although she loves Jack, he’s really bad at sex. A woman has needs, so Reese has been secretly getting sex from Tommy. Speaking of Tommy, he comes out of the shower and advises Jack that if he doesn’t learn how to treat a woman right, Reese is going to continue having sex with other guys.

Reese tells Jack to watch her and Tommy as they have another round of sex, so he can learn how to properly fuck a woman. Reese gives Tommy a blowjob, and then gets facefucked by him. As Tommy and Reese continue to have energetic sex in various positions, Jack keeps watching, and Tommy tells him to turn a negative into a positive by learning important lessons from everything he sees!