Sereyna Gomez, Michael Fly, Pavlos Hard – Stuck Cuck Watches Girlfriend Fuck – Fitness Rooms – SexyHub

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Michael Fly is working out when Pavlos Hard and his girlfriend Sereyna Gomez join him in the Fitness Rooms. Sereyna can’t help but check out the stud’s cock, so Pavlos tries to lift a heavy tire to impress her. Unfortunately for Mr. Hard, he falls, and gets trapped under the weight of the tire! Sereyna struggles to free him, but is not strong enough, so she recruits Michael to help her out. As Michael tries to lift the tire, his dick falls out of his shorts, and Sereyna completely forgets about anything else. Crawling to the hose, Sereyna strokes Michael’s cock, then gives him a blowjob. As Pavlos watches helplessly, Michael cucks his girlfriend, fucking her tight pussy doggystyle. Finally, Pavlos is freed, and joins in to make it a threesome. The studs play with Sereyna’s tits while she gives them a double blowjob, then Michael and Pavlos take turns sharing her mouth and pussy! After getting her off, the men cover Sereyna with a double facial!