Simon, Charlie Dean – Shape Of Desire – SexArt

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Raven-haired beauty Simon seduces Charlie Dean with her sensual body language, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Shape Of Desire” begins. Charlie’s hands are drawn to Simon’s lovely big breasts as she grinds her sexy ass in his lap, then spins around into cowgirl so he can suck her nipples adoringly. Simon instructs Charlie to take off his shorts, then pours massage oil over his torso and strokes his cock with slippery hands. Straddling Charlie, Simon impales herself on his erection and sinks down to the hilt, her breasts swaying hypnotically as she rides to an intense orgasm. She moves astride Charlie’s face in a sixty-nine so he can lick her smooth shaved pussy while she jerks and sucks his dick. They switch to doggy, their bodies slamming together with each powerful thrust, until Simon is overwhelmed by another wild orgasm and Charlie cums in her drenched pussy.