Skylar Vox, Branden Richards – My Best Friend’s Girl Has Needs…And What She Needs Is BIG DICK! – Dick Drainers

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Do you know somebody who you’re really cool with, but they are always doin the dumbest stuff? Thats how I feel about my homie Jacob. Jacob is a cool white boy who I met in college. He’s a party animal and crazy AF, which are a couple reasons why we became cool with each other…and he’s a decent dude most of the time. But Jacob sometimes doesn’t know how to turn his crazy switch off.

Today for example. Dude is supposed to be chillin with his girl Skylar. I met her a few times and she fuckin perfect. Pretty ass face, the perfect height, got a phat bubble booty and she got some big STUPID Titties. A girl her size ain’t supposed to have titties that big. She’s fine AF. Jacob don’t know this…but I think about Skylar a lot. If he knew the things I wanna do to her he might be a lil upset.

Or maybe not. Cuz that’s how a normal dude would be. A normal dude would be suckin them titties and fuckin her in every hole every night. But Jacob? Jacob is an idiot sometimes. He’s kinda popular so girls love him and he loves them back. He’s a man whore. I’ve seen him fuck girls who I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. And this is while he’s got this sexy ass big titty bitch at home! It don’t make no sense.

But you know how the saying goes: bros before hoes. I gotta cover for my boy even when he’s fuckin the female equivalent of Mcdonald’s while he’s got fuckin Filet Mignon at home. And today is one of those days I gotta cover. Jacob is with this girl Sarah. Sarah is hot, don’t get me wrong but she ain’t no Skylar. But Jacob needed me to grab some stuff from his spot cuz he knew Skylar was gonna be there and he didn’t wanna run into her because he knew she wouldn’t let him leave out if she saw him. So that’s where I come in. I’m bout to head to his spot and grab his stuff for him. He said Skylar was there so hopefully she don’t make a big deal out of him not showing up. She seem like a really sweet girl.

But if she needs a shoulder to cry on…I mean Jacob is my boy…but…just the thought of her…I KNOW her pussy tight and that head fire….I know I said bros before hoes but…we’ll see what happens.