Sophia Leone, Hazel Grace, JMac – Sexy Thieves Caught By The Rich Guy – RK Prime – Reality Kings

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Hazel Grace promises her gf Sophia Leone that she’s scouted out this fancy property before they sneak in through the gate, but Hazel must have messed up, because owner Jmac is home! He nearly catches them by the pool, but naughty Hazel convinces Sophia to creep inside and even scissor on the mark’s bed. Jmac spots them and decides to watch, but when he sees them taking cash out of his wallet, he steps in, suggesting they stay and earn the money instead. The burgling babes suck his huge cock, and Sophia plays with herself as she watches her gf ride Jmac’s dick, then it’s her turn on that cock. These hotties take a facial, and Jmac makes it rain for their hard work… but he doesn’t realize they took a few other things too!