Starlette – Breathe Through Your Nose When You Do That – Backroom Casting Couch

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Hooters waitress Starlette is a special gal. She’s blond, pretty and being in porno movies is kind of a dream for her. We do our best to show this girl the ropes. When we get her naked, we see that she’s got a lovely body. I really was digging those thigh highs, so we kept them on. It’s kinda funny, but it wasn’t till like 3/4 of the way through the casting that I think she finally caught on to what was going on. She did learn some life lessons today so there’s a huge positive, right? She learned to breath through her nose while sucking dick, makes the job more efficient right? lol. Nah, forreal she was light. She took it in the ass pretty well, we got a decent gape or two. She wasn’t happy about Ass to Mouth so we skipped that one. It’s a good thing we kept her happy, especially with how that pop shot went. I unloaded on her face, and I don’t think she’s used to having “pro” loads dropped on her, LOL. When you watch, notice that she was actually gagging BEFORE I even unloaded on her. Well turns out the taste of cum didn’t quite agree with her tumtum, so she had to take a quick bathroom break hah. Anyway, we put her back on the couch, tell her she issn’t getting paid, and send her on her way. Best wishes Starlette! <3 Cam