Lauren Phillips, Jayden Marcos – The Comfort Of Her Bosom – My Younger Lover – Adult Time

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Jayden Marcos has just gotten into a huge fight with his parents, who only just now learned of – and don’t at ALL approve of – the secret relationship he’s been having for months with his parent’s boss, Lauren Phillips. He begrudgingly goes to Lauren’s house, at his parents’ insistence, to break things off even though he wishes the world could accept the love he has for her. But Lauren insists that they have the right to date whoever they want and that she’ll fight for their relationship. She’s not ready to give up on them yet, especially since this isn’t even HIS choice but one that’s being thrust on him. She has half-a-mind to ‘play the boss card’ if she has to. The lover insists that’ll only make things and that he really doesn’t know WHAT to do. Lauren can tell her younger lover is distraught, so she pulls him into her breasts to comfort him and give him some sensual bosom-nuzzling to take his worries off his mind. It starts to work, as he kisses, suckles and caresses her breasts with her stroking his hair and encouraging him that everything will work out. This tenderness soon fills them both with such hope and a strong reminder of why their relationship is worth fighting for, which leads to them making love.