Lauren Phillips, Tyler Cruise – Stepmom’s Secret Drawer – Mommy’s Boy – Adult Time

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Lauren Phillips has caught her stepson Tyler Cruise watching porn on his cellphone, so she’s decided to confiscate it for a few days as punishment. But Tyler is going stir-crazy without his phone, so he decides to sneak into Lauren’s bedroom to get it back.

When Tyler enters Lauren’s bedroom and starts poking around, he doesn’t find his phone… but Lauren’s SEX DRAWER instead! Tyler begins pulling various wild sex toys out of the drawer – each item more shocking than the last – until he is finally caught red-handed by Lauren while holding one of her MASSIVE sex toys in his hands.

Lauren is angry that Tyler was trying to get his phone back early, and doubles down on her opinion that Tyler is obviously not ready to approach sex maturely and responsibly. But to Tyler’s surprise, Lauren decides that the best thing to do is teach Tyler a lesson in wholesome sex – better he learns it from her than from somewhere else! Tyler glances hesitantly at Lauren’s toys, but she reassures him that she knows he’s not ready for dealing with THOSE yet… they’re just going to start with the basics of sex! Tyler is bewildered, but agrees to learn by having sex with his hot stepmom!