Lily Larimar, Seth Gamble – Cuck ’Em While They’re Young #02 – Give Me Teens – Devil’s Film

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Lily Larimar is at Seth Gamble’s house, enjoying being pampered by him. She wishes that her boyfriend Celtic Iron could be as smooth as Seth. Lily is also craving a good fucking, so Seth takes his cock out, and she starts giving him an enthusiastic blowjob. However, Celtic shows up and desperately pounds on the door. Lily is annoyed, but agrees to open the door for him.

Celtic asks Lily why she’s always going around having sex with other guys, even though he loves her. Lily tells Celtic it’s because he’s terrible at sex… in fact, he should sit here and watch Seth fuck her, so maybe he’ll finally learn how to do it right! Celtic is stunned, but agrees to observe. Seth facefucks Lily and then fucks her pussy in various positions, including picking her up and bouncing her up and down on his cock. This is definitely a demonstration that Celtic won’t soon forget!